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 • What is Sirat-Ul-Noor online learning program?
Serat-al-noor online learning is an excellent and easy online learning program design to teach the basics of Islam, Qur'an, Hadith and other Islam related topics online from your own room as there is no need to go anywhere outside your home.

• What is the requirements for online learning?
You need a computer with an internet connection as well as a microphone for audio conversation. You also need to install Skype (software) for audio conversation with teacher as well as a TeamViewer (software) for screen sharing. For the installation and the use of these software programs, our teacher will guide and help you.

• What is meant by One-on-one base classes?
One-on one base class mean a single teacher will attend a single student at a time.

• Is online learning really works?
Yes, online learning is easy and helpful because it base on one-on-one online class. We offer you a free trail so come and experience our services for free of cost.

• Who are the teachers?
Our teachers are well trained and highly qualified University graduate degree holders in Islamic studies and have experience to teach Qur'an, Hadith and other Islamic related topics.

• Do you teach only Qur'an?
No, we offer many other courses related Islamic education mentioned in the "Courses" option. We also offer some special courses on demand for which you need to contact with us.

• What would I do, if I m online but my teacher is not there?
You just have to make a telephone call on the phone number (if any) provided by your teacher or contact with us and we will try to respond you immediately.

• What would i do, if i want to skip a class for some reason?
In case you want to skip a class you have to inform your teacher during the previous class or contact with us before the starting of your coming class time.

• Is there any fee concession if more than one student apply or i refer to someone?
Yes, there are predefined fee packages are available in this regard but for more information or concession in fee you may Contact us.

• Is there any age limit for apply?
No, there is no age limit anyone from any where around the world can apply for our services.

• What if i m not a computer or internet expert?
There is no problem if you are not familiar with the computer and internet, our learning institute and our teacher will guide and help you in this regard.

• I still have some question ,what would I do?
For your further consideration you may contact with us on our telephone numbers or e-mail at:


There is no age limit, anyone who has a computer and internet connection and want to learn can take benefit of our superior services for learning Qur'an,  Hadith and other topics related to Islam. We will provide every one our best services.


To learn with us you need to have a computer headset for voice conversation. We use internet telephony and screen sharing software for voice conversation and for sharing computer screen, so that teacher and student may talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screen during the lecture.


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