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Here we have provided a pre-defined fee schedule for the people who want to use our services for online learning. For a customized fee schedule please contact us.

Pay With US Dollar


Complete Month Duration Monthly Fee (For 1 student) Check Out
1 Day 4 Classes 30 Min 29 US Dollars

2 Days 8 Classes 30 Min 39 US Dollars

3 Days

12 Classes

30 Min

49 US Dollars

4 Days 16 Classes 30 Min 69 US Dollars

5 Days 20 Classes 30 Min 85 US Dollars

6 Days 24 Classes 30 Min 89 US Dollars


Pay With Australian Dollar


Pay With British Pound


Duration Monthly Fee (For 1 student) Check Out

3 Days

30 Min 30 British Pound

5 Days

30 Min 45 British Pound


30 Min 19  British Pound

•  This fee schedule is on monthly bases and applicable after the free trail period.
•  10% discount offer to a second and third student from the same residence.
•  4 students from the same residence can take benefit from the family package mentioned in the table.
•  The student who wants to learn 2 days in a week can take only 2 days free trail.
•  The student who wants to learn 3 days in a week can take only 1 Week  free trail.
•  We Accept all payment via Paypal (Online Secure Payment Method).

Note: People interested in our services other than USA & UK can use Google currency converter to convert the cost in their local currency.
 Currency Conversion
To use our built-in currency converter, simply enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box and we’ll provide your answer directly on the results page.



There is no age limit, anyone who has a computer and internet connection and want to learn can take benefit of our superior services for learning Qur'an,  Hadith and other topics related to Islam. We will provide every one our best services.


To learn with us you need to have a computer headset for voice conversation. We use internet telephony and screen sharing software for voice conversation and for sharing computer screen, so that teacher and student may talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screen during the lecture.


USA :    +1 315 608 6155
SG:        +65 9450 3507
E-mail :
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